Welcome to INTBLG

The International Business Law Group  (INTBLG) is a boutique law firm that provides high-quality legal services to governmental entities, companies and individuals in the United States, Europe, Central, South and Latin America, especially Mexico and Brazil, that require cost-effective integrated business solutions.  Most of our clients are States, as well as individuals or businesses that already invest abroad or wish to do so and prefer to retain bilingual Spanish-speaking counsel who can uniquely perform legal work in several jurisdictions with a multi-faceted and multi-cultural approach that will promote business success. 

Santosh SettyOur multi-jurisdictional skills make us uniquely qualified to act as advocate, arbitrator and mediator in several countries.  INTBLG’s clients benefit from its unique and practical understanding of their worldwide business needs, which allows our clients to comply with domestic and international laws and effectively bridge the gap between different markets and cultures.

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We will make your business succeed
We will be there for you when you need to create, develop and implement proactive, strategic decisions, and contingency plans.   In both the public and private sector, INTBLG will help you drive business value and minimize risks whatever the applicable law, business customs, political climates and cultural environments are.